Tutorials To Restore 3GP Videos from SDHC Card after Pressing Format Button in Camera

3GP is a well known video file format which is being widely used by majority of users for audio/video transmission process. This video file format supports several applications like VLC media Player, Real Player, Quick Time etc. As far as storage media are concerned 3GP is compatible enough to the newly introduced SHDC memory cards. This memory card is being widely used in new generation mobile phones, digital cameras, and other digital storage media. As these video files can be easily recorded and saved it is highly prone to sudden data loss.

3GP video loss can take place due to several different reasons like malware intrusion, abrupt system termination, software crash and so on. However the most common factor that is common to majority of users is accidental formatting of the memory card. Once you format a device all data stored within it automatically gets deleted creating new rows and columns. Leaving you with nothing but a painful video loss situation.

Similar to any other video file format 3GP videos stored within your SDHC card can also get damaged at any point of time. For this reason it is always recommended to develop a habit of creating backup file. So that in future if you ever lose your valuable 3GP videos then it could be easily restored from the updated backup.

But no need to worry anymore. As recovery is still possible using a commercial Photo Recovery software program. But make sure that as soon as you find your valuable 3GP videos missing from SDHC card you should stop using the memory card any further. Otherwise the deleted data might get overwritten thus reducing the possibilities of recovery.

The high ending scanning algorithm of the recommended software program deeply scans the formatted SDHC memory card thus recovering and restoring the lost or deleted 3GP videos in few minutes. Using the same software program you can also recover video file stored in AVI, MP4, MPEG, MOV, VOB and several other different video file formats. With a simple and intuitive interface it is easy to install and run the software on both Windows and Mac OS X.

Since a demo version of the software is available therefore it is recommended to download the free trial version for evaluation and after getting satisfied with its performance purchase the full version. However as a matter of fact actual recovery is only possible with the licensed version.

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