Sandisk Memory Card Shows Read/Write Error. What Next?


SanDisk one of the well known global manufacturing company of flash memory cards. Sandisk memory cards are being used by massive number of users within several electronic devices such as digital cameras, cell phones, gaming devices, camcorders, smartphones etc. Gradually it has become popular among users because of some of it’s advantages such as high data storage capacity and increased data transfer speed. Although it is a good practice to store photos withing the memory card of your digital camera however there are times when it happens that Sandisk users often encounters several erroneous and data loss scenarios.

Let’s assume a situation where you have saved thousands of pictures and video files of some of your’s special occasion in the Sandisk memory card of your digital camera. Later when you attempt to sync these photos to your computer and try to access the memory card, the memory card end up showing read/write error message. The error message get displayed in following format:

  • Memory Card Read/Write Error

Soon after receiving the error message you are stopped to access the images and video files stored within Sandisk memory card. There are numerous of causes responsible behind occurrence of this error message. Some of the frequent reasons of Memory card read/write error are listed below:

  1. Unintentional formatting of the memory card inside the camera
  2. Pulling the card out without proper ejection
  3. Capturing videos while the memory is full
  4. Switching off the camera while image is being written off
  5. Unexpected power breakdown

Once your Sandisk memory card gets damaged it is highly recommended to stop further usage of it. This will prevent data overwriting thus increasing the possibilities to perform SanDisk memory card video recovery. The steps demonstrated below are some of the typical methods used to recoverĀ  and restore inaccessible videos.

  1. Eject the memory card and connect it to another system
  2. Try to access it using a card reader
  3. If none of the methods work then simply format the memory card

No wonder formatting will definitely fix memory card read/write error issue. However besides that it also erase the previously stored data creating new rows and columns. Don’t be panic. If you have a valid backup file you can restore the lost or deleted videos from the recently updated backup. Nevertheless the situation turns to be critical when there is no valid backup is available. In that case use a third party Photo Recovery software. It becomes the ultimate choice of user when there is no valid backup available to user. The highly sophisticated and advance algorithm induced within the software deeply scans the and restore the inaccessible videos within few clicks.


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