Memory Card Video Recovery: Best Way To Restore Deleted Videos

A memory card is an electronic flash memory data storage media used to store digital information. These storage media are widely used within several electronic devices such as digital camera, mobile phones, gaming console, laptop computers, MP3 player and many more. Memory card overrules the hard disk drives as it offers number of advantages. It’s small size and light weight enables user to  carry it wherever you feel like. No doubt that the device offers immediate access and less prone to mechanical damages it would be wrong to say that the memory card data are completely free from the risk of data loss.

One of the most unfortunate situation is losing your favorite video file saved within memory card of your digital camera. Majority of user often starts panicking or get disheartened instead of thinking out for the best way to perform memory card video recovery.

Before moving on to the recovery process let’s take a close look at how do users often loses their video files stored within memory cards. Some of the common reasons responsible for video loss from memory card are listed below:

  1. Virus infection
  2. Recording while the battery is low
  3. Formatting the media storage unwillingly
  4. Interruption to the file synchronization process
  5. Severe damage or corruption to the memory card
  6. Unacceptable removal of the memory card from digital camera
  7. Deleting the saved videos by accidentally pressing the “Deleted All” button

Although the responses of valuable video loss may differ however the approach to retrieve the lost video file remains the same and i.e. using a commercial Photo Recovery software program. No wonder a recently updated backup file is one of the prior solution for user facing serious video loss scenario However in case if no backup is available then it’s better to opt for a third party software instead of juggling here and there.

The professional software program comes entitled with powerful and advance scanning algorithm which deeply scans the damaged memory card thus recovering and restoring the deleted or lost video files within few clicks. As a result of which the software supports recovery of 3GP video, MP4, AVI, and many other video file format.  The unique and easy to use graphical interface of the software allows you to install and run the software without acquiring additional technical skills. No matter whether you are using Windows or Mac OS X the recommended software program is highly compatible to all versions of both the operating system.

The biggest advantage associated with the professional software is that both free or licensed version of the software is available. Basically the free trial version of the software is provided so that user can evaluate the software before they spend their hard earned money on it.

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