How To Fix Corrupted Audio Or Video File Easily

3GP file format is multimedia container format which is used for delivery and playback of audio or video files over high speed wireless networks. This format is most widely used in mobile phones. It is developed and designed by third generation partnership project to contain various types of compressed data. This 3gp file format can be opened on every 3G based mobile phones and some of the 2G and 4G mobile phones also.

You might have seen lots of audio and videos on internet are also available in 3gp format. This is to enable you to download and view it on your mobile phones. Usually, most of the mobile users keep their 3gp files directly on their memory card or on SD card plugged in their cell phones. In case, you lost your audio or videos accidentally or they may get corrupted or damaged, what would you do? Will you download them again from internet? Here is a good news for you if you have corrupt or damaged 3gp audio or video files. Even if you do not have any backup of data, you can regain all you videos and audios easily. Read the solution given below.

How do you come to corrupt your 3gp audio or video files?

Normally, you come across this situation very often where you have either corrupt or damage audio or video data regardless of how that happened. A number of factors contribute to corruption of your precious 3gp audio or video files. Like, when you are playing or recording videos or audios and a sudden interruption may damage your file. If your mobile phone contain some virus then it can corrupt your 3gp files. A bad sector on storage media can cause corruption to 3 gp audio or video files. Other reasons can be incomplete transferring process, changing video extension, and lot more.

How can you fix this problem?

Whatever may be the case or reasons for corruption, you badly need to repair those files specially when they are very important and precious to you as soon as possible. Well, you need not worry any more because you can easily restore all your corrupted or damaged 3gp files without even a backup. Opt for Stellar Phoenix Video Repair which is a most powerful tool to repair your corrupt 3gp video as well as audio files.

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Easy Ways To Repair 3GP Audio Or Video File

These days lot of people are using smart phones, laptop, computer, tablet and other digital devices that can capture images and videos as well. In this developing era of technology, digital devices and small gadgets are playing a vital role because small gadgets are portable and can be easily used anywhere. With these portable devices, users are now able to take photographs of their memorable moment, beautiful memories and download music and save them on their mobile phones, laptops, desktop, tablets and other storage device.

These gadgets allow users to save both audio and video in a specific file format. 3GP file format is a format mostly used by mobile phones followed by laptops, desktop and tablets. These all can store 3GP audio and video file. 3GP file format is a latest universal standard foundation which offers high-paced cordless network, delivering and running multimedia over third generation. 3GP file format is widely used by multimedia message service, multimedia subsystem and multicast services as well.

Why do 3GP audio or video files get corrupted?

A time also come when you happen to lose your 3GP audio or video files just because of following reasons –

  • Most of the time, it is seen that users happen to accidentally delete all their data from their mobiles, laptop, desktop, tablets and other devices.
  • Sometimes, due to corruption or crash of operating system installed on your PC maximizes the chance of 3GP file corruption.
  • Corruption or damage of 3GP file may lead to data loss.
  • Storage media corruption like SD card damages the audio or video files.
  • While playing an audio or video file using any application which hangs or crash in the midway then it turn out to corrupt your 3GP file.

3GP Audio Or Video File Repair

If you want to overcome such hazardous situation, you must download a 3GP recovery software. 3GP recovery software is truly an intensive software with smart scanning technology dealing with 3GP file corruption issues and bring back all the lost data. This software will be easy to use and has interactive interface.

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What Is The Difference Between 3GP and mp4 Files?

3GP File and mp4 File

3GP is also known as multimedia file container and is created by Third Generation Partnership Project(3GPP). It is file format for video and audio files which are compatible with 3G mobile devices but can be played on some 2G and 4G phones. 3GP video files can be transferred, edited and viewed on mobile devices who has ability to capture video.
Mp4 file is a multimedia file commonly used to store videos and movies defined by ISO/IEC Moving Pictures Experts Group. MP4 is an abbreviation of MPEG-4 Part 14, a container format based on the QuickTime File Format(QTFF). Mp4 uses MPEG-4 compression and separately compress audio and video tracks.

However, there are some differences between 3GP and mp4 video file. The differences not only come from the file format but also from types of codec used within files. 3GP file is specifically designed for mobile phones whereas mp4 is designed to be played on different platforms like computers, television, DVD players, video players, etcetera. Another thing is that 3GP file was developed as an implementation of MPEG-4 compression whereas mp4 is a generic file format published with MPEG-4 compression. Mp4 files likely to occupy less storage space and processing speed and files are small and supported by almost all media player devices. Despite of all these characteristics, mp4 files are not compatible on 3G network as compared to 3gp files which is specially designed for 3G mobile networks.

What are the problems related to 3GP file

Sometimes, problems occur while playing 3GP video file. There can be many factors causing damage , corruption and deletion of 3GP files. Due to damage of storage device like flash card, SD card,mini SD card, etc. Some people accidentally delete their files leading to inaccessibility of files. Corruption or automatic deletion of 3gp files can be done due to virus infection. 3GP files can be damaged due to improper shut down of devices. So, altogether these problems cause inaccessibility of 3GP video files.

How to recover 3GP files using 3GP Recovery software

If you have lost your 3GP video files then for such situation, 3GP repair tool is a solution to your problem. Stellar Phoenix Video Repair is an expertized tool to recover deleted or lost 3GP video files easily. It has user friendly interface that enables you to easily fix your video problem.

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Tutorials To Restore 3GP Videos from SDHC Card after Pressing Format Button in Camera

3GP is a well known video file format which is being widely used by majority of users for audio/video transmission process. This video file format supports several applications like VLC media Player, Real Player, Quick Time etc. As far as storage media are concerned 3GP is compatible enough to the newly introduced SHDC memory cards. This memory card is being widely used in new generation mobile phones, digital cameras, and other digital storage media. As these video files can be easily recorded and saved it is highly prone to sudden data loss.

3GP video loss can take place due to several different reasons like malware intrusion, abrupt system termination, software crash and so on. However the most common factor that is common to majority of users is accidental formatting of the memory card. Once you format a device all data stored within it automatically gets deleted creating new rows and columns. Leaving you with nothing but a painful video loss situation.

Similar to any other video file format 3GP videos stored within your SDHC card can also get damaged at any point of time. For this reason it is always recommended to develop a habit of creating backup file. So that in future if you ever lose your valuable 3GP videos then it could be easily restored from the updated backup.

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Know How To Perform AVI Recovery After Videos Lost From Sony Memory Card During Data Transfer

When it’s about media card or memory sticks no can surpass Sony as it offers different memory card varying in storage sizes and speed of transfer. This ultra thin media storage provides you large wealth o entertainment.

Let’s consider a practical scenario where your Sony memory card consist of video files stored in AVI file format and you attempt to transfer these videos from your digital camera to computer. Soon you discover that the transferred video files are missing from your system. Thus rendering a distressful video loss scenario.

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Perform Deleted Video Recovery from Formatted Transcend Memory Card After Forceful Ejection

It is not always the external issues or device malfunctioning which causes photo loss from your digital memory card. Sometimes user faces severe photo loss situation due to their own faults. One of the biggest mistakes that user often do is forcefully eject the memory card from their digital camera while read/write process is going on. If you have done something similar to this and unfortunately lost all your memorable video files from transcend memory card then you are required to look for genuine solutions to perform video recovery as soon as possible.

Although Transcend is one of the well known brand of memory cards and other digital storage devices similar to other storage media it is also prone to issues like corruption or data loss. Inappropriate ejection of the memory card is one of the prime reason for memory card corruption. Apart from this there are many other reasons which results into memory card corruption.

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How To Perform MP4 Video Recovery From Damaged Kingston Memory Card

Kingston is a well known brand of digital media products including media cards, USB drives and so on. From everyday users to professionals make use of these memory card to store their valuable photos and video files. It’s legendary reliability, extraordinary speed, and wide range of capacities are some of the factors identified behind the grand success and popularity of Kingston memory card. These memory cards are compatible enough to store image, video as well as audio files within several different devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras, camcorders, iPad, PDA’s and many more. MP4 is a video file format which runs on almost all multimedia devices above mentioned to stream video files. This is one of the most preferred video file format since it provides better picture and sound quality that user ever want to play.

Imagine a scenario where you attempt to access your precious videos saved on Kingston memory card on your Mac operating system and the card ends up showing the following error message on system display saying:

  • “Memory Card is Not Recognized”

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Sandisk Memory Card Shows Read/Write Error. What Next?


SanDisk one of the well known global manufacturing company of flash memory cards. Sandisk memory cards are being used by massive number of users within several electronic devices such as digital cameras, cell phones, gaming devices, camcorders, smartphones etc. Gradually it has become popular among users because of some of it’s advantages such as high data storage capacity and increased data transfer speed. Although it is a good practice to store photos withing the memory card of your digital camera however there are times when it happens that Sandisk users often encounters several erroneous and data loss scenarios.

Let’s assume a situation where you have saved thousands of pictures and video files of some of your’s special occasion in the Sandisk memory card of your digital camera. Later when you attempt to sync these photos to your computer and try to access the memory card, the memory card end up showing read/write error message. The error message get displayed in following format:

  • Memory Card Read/Write Error

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Memory Card Video Recovery: Best Way To Restore Deleted Videos

A memory card is an electronic flash memory data storage media used to store digital information. These storage media are widely used within several electronic devices such as digital camera, mobile phones, gaming console, laptop computers, MP3 player and many more. Memory card overrules the hard disk drives as it offers number of advantages. It’s small size and light weight enables user to  carry it wherever you feel like. No doubt that the device offers immediate access and less prone to mechanical damages it would be wrong to say that the memory card data are completely free from the risk of data loss.

One of the most unfortunate situation is losing your favorite video file saved within memory card of your digital camera. Majority of user often starts panicking or get disheartened instead of thinking out for the best way to perform memory card video recovery.

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Recover 3GP Video Files – Easy and Effective Data Recovery

3GP video files are very popular these days because of its support and ability to provide good picture at any type of device such as cellphones, PC, laptops and tablets etc. This video format has been likes as well as used by numerous user around the world because of its relevancy and support which it provide towards any device. Today few of us have PC, others have tablets while cellphone is a really common device. What will anyone should do if the same video file is liked by a group of people to be shared. Continue reading

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