How To Perform MP4 Video Recovery From Damaged Kingston Memory Card

Kingston is a well known brand of digital media products including media cards, USB drives and so on. From everyday users to professionals make use of these memory card to store their valuable photos and video files. It’s legendary reliability, extraordinary speed, and wide range of capacities are some of the factors identified behind the grand success and popularity of Kingston memory card. These memory cards are compatible enough to store image, video as well as audio files within several different devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras, camcorders, iPad, PDA’s and many more. MP4 is a video file format which runs on almost all multimedia devices above mentioned to stream video files. This is one of the most preferred video file format since it provides better picture and sound quality that user ever want to play.

Imagine a scenario where you attempt to access your precious videos saved on Kingston memory card on your Mac operating system and the card ends up showing the following error message on system display saying:

  • “Memory Card is Not Recognized”

The above cited error message is a clear indication that your Kingston memory card has got damaged or corrupt due to which you loss access from the video files stored within the memory card. Such kind of situation sounds to be really scary and disheartening. However you cannot overlook reality that like all other video file format MP4 videos are also prone to erroneous or corruption issues.

Usually MP4 video files corrupts on account of one or the other reason given below:

  1. Malware intrusion
  2. Unexpected system shutdown
  3. Improper device handling
  4. Hardware or software issues

In case if any of the above cited conditions turns to be true you lose access from the images, video as well as audio file stored within Kingston memory card. Here you find yourself looking for genuine solutions to repair damaged Kingston media card to restore the lost MP4 videos safely in desired location.

In order to perform MP4 video recovery after Kingston memory card is not recognized in Mac OS X you are suggested to follow the given manual steps:

  1. Eject and re-insert the memory card to your system
  2. Connect the memory card using card reader and then try to access
  3. If none of the methods work then format the card

Though formatting surely fixes the error problem, it also deletes the data files stored earlier within the memory card. In such situation a recently updated backup file would be a great source of recovery of formatted data. However in case if no backup is available then the ultimate solution left for you is a third party Photo Recovery software.

The recommended software deeply scans the Kingston memory card and retrieve all your lost or deleted image and video files. The high ending scanning technique of the software also supports image or video file recovery from Sandisk, Transcend, and other type of memory card available. It runs efficiently on all versions of both Windows as well as Mac OS X.

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